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      Carpet Mat Rubber Mat PVC Mat NBR Mat OEM Mat
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        Carpet Mat
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        NBR Mat
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      Welcome to our company
      Located in plenty land Changzhou, Changzhou Qinglong Decoration Co., Ltd. closes to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. Convenient transportation and advantages of local manufacturing create favorable conditions for the company entering the global market. Founded in January 1992, Qinglong is the first manufacturer specialized in car mats in China with the series of rubber mats, PVC mats and Carpet mats. Excellent quality and perfect service gain fame .......
      "In our company quality begins with extensive market research that keep us in touch with today's cons- umer. We're constantly investigating new materials and production meth- ods that will develop into tomorrow's quality products."
      Contact us
      Tel: +86-0519-86675972
      Fax: +86-0519-86675971
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